Spring is here and the sun is finally shining! Here at hamper HQ we think this makes it a perfect opportunity to grab a picnic hamper, go to a beautiful setting, National Trust park or even your own garden, sit back and relax and enjoy yourself.

To get the most out of your picnic session why don’t you follow our top tips to make your outing as fun and entertaining as possible. 

  1. Preparation: Whether it is a quick homemade sandwich or a luxury banquet preparation is key! So fill your picnic hamper with lots of naughty treats and to make your afternoon a combination of relaxing and extravagant.

    2. Location, Location, Location: Research the best site for you. Whether you like beautiful backdrop to make you feel like you have come straight from a scene in Downtown Abby or a park to entertain the kids. You can spread out your picnic blanket practically anywhere, isn’t that the beauty of it?  

    3. Check the weather! We all know in England the weather is not as reliable as we would like, and nothing ruins an afternoon more than a soggy sandwich. On the other hand you do not want to be stuck outside with no shade, sun block in the scorching heat.

    4. Entertainment: Why not bring a bat and ball to have a good old fashioned game of rounder’s or a Frisbee to entertain the kids. Preferentially, simply bring a good book or magazine to absorb in.    

    5. What are you sitting on? Whether it is a simple picnic blanket or fold out chairs you always should have something to protect you from the mud and grass.

    6. Clearing up: After a fun day out it is important to tidy it all away. Make sure you bring something to put your rubbish into so you can leave your location as beautiful as you found it.

    7. Music: An excellent playlist is essential for any picnic. Whether you want a chilled out vibe to unwind or an upbeat soundtrack for a sing along and a boogie, bring a speaker and an iPod to liven up any day out.

    8. Keep it cool: Why not try storing ice cubes in a Thermos flask to ensure all of your drinks are chilled to the perfect temperature and of course remember to bring lots of water. Hydration is key!

    9. Get your 5 a day? A big bowl of salad, chopped fruit and vegetables and a big batch of homemade hummus will keep your picnic indulgent and healthy!

    10. A few other things to bring: It is always nice to have hand sanitizer, bug repellant and Tupperware for leftover food, an umbrella for extra shade and of course one of our Todhunter picnic hampers!

April 04, 2016 — Alice Endersby


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