All the things we love about the return of autumn…

Here at hamper HQ we love Autumn, and everything about it, and no its not just the return of Autumn watch on TV, there is so much more to this season that we love!


The nights may well be drawing in, and the mornings are starting to get chilly, but here is a list of reasons to love the return of autumn and bonfire night is just one!

Suddenly we are more than happy to snuggle up in front of the TV and watch the return of some great British TV programs, from Lewis to Downton Abby we really are more than happy to hibernate with a selection of hot drinks at the ready!

Whether your male or female, wearing grandmother sweaters and cardigans suddenly become acceptable, twin this with some long knitted socks and you’re ready for catwalk (all be it your own hallway!)

Bonfire night, yes that magical night where everyone troops out into the cold with there sparklers to watch the great spectacle itself. Toffee apples and hot dogs in hand we ooohh and Ahhhh in all the right places while warming our hands around a mug of mulled wine. A truly memorable night is had by all!

Christmas music is back in the shops! That’s when we know the festive season is well and truly on its way. From the fist jingle of the bells over the speakers a new and frenzied shopping experience takes over us all. The smell of ginger bread flavored coffees fills the air while you and I empty our purses in a mad dash to finish all our shopping in time!

Sitting by a fire and reading, a simple pleasure that at other times of the year we just cant quite justify… but light a fire and suddenly it just seems acceptable, no necessary! So make the most of those chilly evenings, light a fire grab an old favorite of the shelf and indulge in some me time. 

Perhaps just one or two of these reasons you too will love, but why not join us in hibernating with one of our Todhunter hampers, filled with cozy drinks and warming puds. Or grab your willies and a blanket and set out to a firework display this weekend with our New England hamper, perfect for a romantic evening celebrating in style!


November 01, 2015 — Clara Wood


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