Ever wondered where hampers all began?

Ever wondered where hampers all began?

With the Hamper market changing with the coming and going of trends and tastes, their popularity has never wavered so Hamper HQ through we would step back in time and see just how the hampers we know and love came about…

Step back to the 11th Century...

Food Hampers were first introduced back in the 11th century by the French, who started the tradition of filling wicker baskets with food and clothing for a hunting party or long journey. But it was the Victorians who really got excited over the idea of food hampers as gifts. With the advancements in transport and rail links it was becoming easier and easier to send loved ones gifts no matter the distance or content. With poor family members having to follow the work all around the country and with little money left to feed themselves with, food hampers soon became a tradition especially at Christmas.  Now they could really celebrate with a hamper full of delicious treats such as hams, tea, preserved fruits, nuts or even a plum pudding!

Working in a grand house during this time it wasn’t uncommon for employers to also give hampers to staff and servants who would pack clothes and food inside wicker lidded baskets to present to them on Boxing Day. For those of us who haven’t seen the likes of Downton Abbey working as a maid or butler meant you had little money to afford extra little luxury’s so these hampers would contain seasonal produce and novelties that the staff could enjoy on there days off, the baskets could also then be used to store their special possessions. 

  Through the passing of history from the first ladies day at the races to a traditional family gathering, hampers no matter the content has been a thing of great excitement and enjoyment for all ages. And no more so than today, with the huge selection available to mark any occasion weddings to new arrivals we think hampers have a long way to go yet!!

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