Happy New Year!

January sees the return of many things, school and work being among them but also those long forgotten promises that we made to ourselves, oh well this time a year ago actually! That’s right New years resolutions.

Here at Hamper HQ we came back from our Christmas break full of beans and eager to fill the team in on all the tales from the festive season, Family fun, food and of course with the inevitable resolutions that we made to ourselves. We stood proudly announcing at midnight New Years eve to all that would listen the things we plan to do this year, the things we will give up and the tasks we have set ourselves in order to make this year, the year of the Monkey the best year yet!

Of course statistics tell us that only 8% of people ever manage to keep there resolutions, but hey what better time to make a positive change than at the dawn of the New year with all the things still ahead of us to look forward to, all the doors still waiting to be opened and experiences still to be had.

So in light of this and with all the exciting challenges ahead, what is it hamper HQ has promised to do/change or become…

  1. We will continue to develop beautiful hampers, using new and traditional baskets with a twist to bring you on trend designs.
  2. We will make sure that we never compromise on quality, regardless of the gift or hamper.
  3. We will search the globe for brand new and exciting brands, with new and delicious products that we know our customers will love.
  4. We will help to support new artisan brands so they can achieve their goals this year too.
  5. We will always give our customers outstanding value for money, so you know and trust that we are always looking after you.

We are positive that these goals will put us in among the 8% of the population that will achieve their New years resolution this year, and we hope that with your support we will have the best 2016!

Get in touch and let us know your New Years resolutions or perhaps you’re a new an upcoming Artisan company that we could help to support in 2016?

Happy New Year everyone!!        



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