Mad about chocolate wool lined basket hamper

Mad about chocolate wool lined basket hamper

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This is the perfect gift for someone who is simply mad about chocolate! If this selection of sweet goodies doesn’t get your mouth watering we don’t know what will. From the deliciously moreish Belgian milk chocolate organic cocoa loca bar to the heavenly luscious chocolate wafer crispies, this is the perfect little gift for all occasions!

All of these indulgent goodies are packed in an adorable wool lined basket which makes a fantastic storage container.

Cartwright & Butler - Chocolate Wafer Crispies (140g)
Cupido - Choco Crunch (150g)
Organic Cocoa Loco - Milk Chocolate Bar (100g)
Stas Chocolatier - Hand Decorated Chocolate Bauble (240g)

Adorable wool lined basket
27cm x 24cm x 16cm