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Todhunter 2024...

Welcome to Todhunter Spring Summer 2024 collection!

Christmas Collection launching September 2024.


Where does this information come from? We research across all marketplaces both in real life and globally online.

Looking at fashion, interiors, packaging, and food trends. We particularly draw inspiration from all the luxury department stores both in product and merchandising installations. We monitor emerging trends which often take time to filter into our food and alcohol-based offerings, this enables us to determine when to launch colourways and concepts to ensure best gifts for our customers!

Our Sustainability Pledge

At Todhunter we understand the impact that packaging has on the environment and encourage our customers to recycle.

The boxes thats contain your Todhunter deliveries are 100% recyclable. Our 'Ecoflo' loose fill is made from sustainable plant-based material and 100% biodegradable. Please re-use, recycle or recycle through composting.


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